Yale interns serve as peer mentors @ Chapel Haven
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Yale interns serve as peer mentors @ Chapel Haven

Yale University seniors who are enrolled in Dr. Fred Volkmar’s “Autism and Related Disorders” seminar and practicum at Yale University are gaining valuable experience volunteering in Chapel Haven’s Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) program.

Twelve seniors from Yale have begun their internships at Chapel Haven, according to Gina Apicella, Supervisor of ASAT, and will serve throughout the spring semester. The benefits are many.

They will serve as peer models and mentors, assisting in the classroom, helping ASAT students with academics and college course work, and even going on social recreation activities with students and staff. The ASAT students enjoy having young adults their own age to work with and the partnership provides extra help in the classroom for ASAT staff.

Dr. Volkmar’s seminar is the United States’ first undergraduate course of its kind. The class consists of a weekly seminar on diagnosis and assessment, etiology and treatment of children, adolescents and adults with autism and related disorders.

Dr. Volkmar helped Chapel Haven establish the ASAT program a decade ago. He now serves on Chapel Haven’s Board of Directors.

To read more about Dr. Volkmar, click here: https://www.chapelhaven.org/team/fred-volkmar-md/



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