Working at busy TV news station a dream come true for Joe C.
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Working at busy TV news station a dream come true for Joe C.

For Joe C., landing an internship at his favorite local TV news station in Tucson, KVOA, is a dream come true.

After all, Joe, who is a College Support student at Chapel Haven West, is a film and television major working toward his bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona. And he has had other experience – Joe worked at UATV – a student-run television broadcast studio, where he worked as production assistant, floor manager and TV camera operator. Joe also did an internship at Creative Tucson, where he did teleprompting.

“I love my internship because it is preparing me for my potential job after I graduate the University of Arizona in May 2019,” said Joe. “The skills I’ve learned at KVOA this summer have been invaluable.”

At KVOA, Joe is assigned with all the typical tasks of any busy TV news studio. He describes his duties as, “pitching story ideas, monitoring the police and fire scanners for breaking news, monitoring the TV monitors, data entry, and working with the ENPS (electronic news production system) software.”

“Joe is a fabulous addition to the KVOA team,” said KVOA Producer Steve Nunez. “He is pleasant to work with, always on time, always engaged, passionate about his work, and he really shows he cares.”

Joe began attending Chapel Haven West last July as a College Support student. He has lived residentially at CHW while simultaneously participating in the Chapel Haven West curriculum and working towards obtaining his degree at the University of Arizona. As he was preparing to enter his last year at the UofA, Joe brought to the attention of Executive Director of Chapel Haven West, Ken Hosto, that he would be interested in a potential internship at the local news station KVOA where Ken had worked and had possible connections. A few calls later and Joe is enjoying every minute of his work experience.

Joe has shown great strengths in his educational and vocational pursuits and continues to work hard in everything that he does. Joe is meticulous, organized, hard-working, and a pleasure to work alongside. There is no doubt that Joe will continue to achieve great things. Congratulations to Joe, our Work Place Wednesday feature, for all that he has achieved!

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