Work Place Wednesday – Kudos to Alex at Chapel Haven West
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Work Place Wednesday – Kudos to Alex at Chapel Haven West

Congrats to Alex W., who is doing a great job at Trader Joe’s!

Congratulations to Alex W., a Chapel Haven West student who is excelling in his job at Trader Joe’s.

In our Work Place Wednesday feature, we celebrate a young man who progressed through three wonderful internships and, upon graduating from Chapel Haven West, was able to gain paid employment in a setting that he enjoys.

Alex joined the Chapel Haven West (CHW) family in July, 2015, where he progressed through his two-year program learning independent living skills, social communication skills, and vocational skills. He took the lessons he was learning in his classes into the Work Study setting, where he interned at three places over the course of the program.

He interned at World Care as a Warehouse Associate, Jim Click Automotive as a Data Entry Clerk, and Compass as an Office Assistant. Alex excelled in the Work Study program so much that he was then able to secure a job upon graduation at Trader Joe’s as a Crew Member. He has since been working at Trader Joe’s since July, and has worked through challenges and made great successes in the short time he has been there thus far.

Alex’s duties as a Crew Member include facing products, bagging groceries, collecting carts, and overall customer service. He started out having a full-time job coach, but continued to improve and Trader Joe’s Captain, Dan Sawyer, believed he was ready to work completely independently.

“I like the relaxing atmosphere, and the team is also good to be around,” Alex told CHW Vocation Coordinator, Amy Tellez.

On one of the last shifts that Alex had a job coach, one of his supervisors, Jeff, stated to the job coach, “Isn’t it great that Alex is showing such great improvements?” The job coach, Tanya Wilson, reiterated the information to Alex, and he seemed pleased that his hard work had been noticed.

“Alex has shown great improvements in his communication and increased willingness to do additional tasks (bagging groceries),” Dan Sawyer (Trader Joes Captain) stated. “He has grown more comfortable with seeking other staff assistance when needed.”

Alex is a dedicated worker and a valuable component of the Trader Joe’s team. He is always on time and gets straight to work. Alex has a strong desire to succeed, and that has shown through his continued improvements at Trader Joe’s. The teams at Chapel Haven and Chapel Haven West team are proud of Alex’s continued vocational success. Please congratulate him!

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