Work Place Wednesday Celebrates Josh R. and his new job at Aqua Design
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Work Place Wednesday Celebrates Josh R. and his new job at Aqua Design

Like many young adults, Josh R. has run the gauntlet of internships and gained valuable work experience along the way.

As we celebrate Work Place Wednesday, we are thrilled that Josh is now in a job that compliments his strengths with computers, data and all the fine details as he starts his new job at Aqua Design International.

“Doing data entry is right up my alley. I feel proud having a paid job and years of interning paid off,” says Josh.

“Josh literally provides us with invaluable service that we are unable to perform ourselves. Our growth as a business is not possible without his help,” said Aden Acklin, Josh’s supervisor at Aqua Design.

Josh has been a part of the Chapel Haven West family since 2010. Upon his graduation from the residential program in 2012, Josh continued to participate in the work study portion of program as a community member to increase his work skills. He has interned at a variety of places over the years, such as a local pet store, 1st Rate 2nd Hand Thrift Store, an accounting firm, and his most recent being a data entry intern at Jim Click Automotive. His internship at Jim Click Automotive led him into obtaining a paid position doing data entry for a landscape architecture firm that specializes in designing lucrative swimming pools, spas, and water features called Aqua Design International.

Josh came well recommended! Joey Ingegneri, Director of Community Outreach at Jim Click, recommended Josh to the team at Aqua Design as the perfect candidate to do data entry, although saddened that they would be losing Josh as an intern.

“Josh has been a great asset to the team and we will miss him here at Jim Click,” stated Business Preferred Manager, Jerry Poore.

Josh has excellent computer skills. During his time with Chapel Haven West, he has taken classes at Pima Community College in Computer Applications Systems and continues to work towards a degree in General Studies. Josh’s long term job coach, Nicole Shows, describes Josh as a “computer wiz” when it comes to his work in data entry at both Jim Click and now Aqua Design.

Josh gets the opportunity to work one day at Aqua Design’s local Tucson office and two days remotely where he comes to the Chapel Haven West campus to complete his work.

Josh’s supervisor, Aden Acklin, sends Josh a list of company names at the beginning of each shift and Josh does research and compiles an excel spreadsheet. He does exceptionally well with this and can finish up to a thousand names in half his shift. Vocation Coordinator, Amy Tellez, has provided oversight as he has been getting settled into his new position and she has witnessed Josh work diligently, quickly, and effectively. He accepts constructive feedback and is always working hard when she checks in on him during his shift.

Josh has made grand improvements in his work abilities and skills and there is no doubt that Josh will continue to improve as he opens up this new door of opportunities with Aqua Design. The teams at Chapel Haven and Chapel Haven West team are proud of Josh’s continued vocational success. Please congratulate him!

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