Work Place Wednesday – Carts and customers: Ariel K. loves her job!
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Work Place Wednesday – Carts and customers: Ariel K. loves her job!

Ariel on the job at Home Depot

Abraham Lincoln once famously said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Ariel K. takes that to heart. For her, it’s all about the carts and the customers at Home Depot. She is excellent with both, to the point that Home Depot in April rewarded her with a job promotion.

“I like being a leader and I always ask a customer if he or she needs help when passing them by in the parking lot,” Ariel stated. “I like getting as many carts as possible at one time, so I can work fast and clear the lot more quickly.”

Ariel K. is our feature this week for Work Place Wednesday, where we shine a positive light on Chapel Haven adults who are working in paid and volunteer positions. Chapel Haven West helped Ariel gain her position at Home Depot through a longstanding partnership that has helped several CHW students gain paid employment and satisfying work at Home Depot.

Ariel wins rave reviews from her superiors.

“Ariel earned her promotion by being an efficient and effective employee. She is constantly hard working and is always willing to give a helping hand,” said Richard Meyers, her supervisor.

Click here to see a quick video of Ariel at work:

Ariel K video

Ariel joined the Chapel Haven West (CHW) family in July, 2014 from her home community in California. She progressed through her two-year program learning independent living skills, social communication skills, and vocational skills. She was able to take those teachings to secure employment at Home Depot as a lot associate before graduating from the two-year program with the assistance from the Chapel Haven West team.

Chapel Haven West and Home Depot have had a longstanding relationship to assist students in gaining valuable employment and earning how to be an effective employee.

CHW Vocation Coordinator, Amy Tellez, had the opportunity to visit Ariel at work to take pictures and discuss her position. Ariel, however, did not stop working and kept her focus even with the small distraction. Amy asked her if she could get a video of her pushing a cart and Ariel said, “I like to push back at least two larger carts at a time because it shows I am a leader and proves to my fellow employees that I am a hard worker.” Ariel showed great dedication and passion for her work.  She continued to work quickly and efficiently as Amy was preparing to leave Home Depot.

CHW job coach, Tanya Wilson, had been job coaching with another student working at Home Depot, but stated, “Ariel works fast and works hard to gather as many carts as she can to bring back.”

Ariel is a dedicated worker and a valuable component of the Home Depot team. She is a natural born leader and has the “get it done” attitude to push her past her limits to succeed. The teams at Chapel Haven and Chapel Haven West team are proud of Ariel’ continued vocational success. Congratulations!

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