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Winter Fun: The Wellness Way

CIP Brevard Wellness Tips

By Lance Haskins
Wellness Coordinator, CIP Brevard

We’ve compiled the top 5 goals for a great winter break for our students while maintaining progress achieved this past term at CIP.

  • Continue with your personalized fitness plans and exercise regularly! If you don’t have access to your regular gym, be creative and explore the outdoors or try a new activity that’s local to your hometown!
  • Continue with your weekly menu planning and grocery shopping schedule. Set time each week to fill out the sheets, shop for your food, and plan to succeed!
  • Cook! Whether just for your own meals or for your family/friends, keep on cooking! Try the new recipes you’ve collected during this term and/or practice old favorites to keep improving your skills!
  • Be mindful and present regularly! The holidays can be a stressful time of year so make sure to find time to use your stress management tools! Find meditations or other stress relief techniques on YouTube and aim to listen to one as needed, at least once per week!
  • Have Fun! The holidays are a wonderful special time of year. Make sure to find time for laughter and joy. Have a great vacation and enjoy this time with your family and friends!


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