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What You Need to Know for Independent Living Success

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By Lauren Brewer, Independent Living Skills Coordinator

Independent living cooking at CLEThe road to adulthood officially begins for many teens when they graduate from high school, move on to a first job or college, and start living on their own. Everyone needs support in order to achieve successful independence, and the important thing is to know the type of support you want or need. This is determined by knowledge of your own abilities, skills, and interests. However, in order to avoid the confusion and uncertainty transition to independence can bring, it’s important to begin the process and lay the foundations for independent living early.

Laying the foundation for independence can begin as early as elementary school and can continue on through young adulthood. Below are three examples of critical skills students must learn in order to be successful living independently.

Advocating for Yourself

  • Understand and be able to share your strengths, skills, interests, challenges, and how you learn best.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities for getting accommodations either at a college or on the job.
  • Identify and reach out to others when you need help.
  • Actively participate in IEP meetings or other meetings that address your goals and future plans.

Learning to Manage Medication Independently:

  • Understand what medications you take and why. Learn the names and functions of each medication, as well as what the pill looks like and how often you take it.
  • Create a system for taking your medication. Using a Daily/Weekly Medication box is one great option. Make it a part of your Sunday night routine to get your box ready for the week.
  • Take over control of your medication from your parents. Make it your responsibility to set reminders, measure out doses, and take your medication on time. Try using phone alerts, or setting your medication by your alarm clock.
  • Learn about how to refill your medication. Research how often and what documentation is necessary to refill each of your medications.

Budgeting Your Money:

Independent living with bills

  • Start out small and save up for a new gadget, book, or game.
  • Open a checking and savings account, and learn how to check your accounts online or by using apps.
  • Practice writing checks, and get into the habit of frequently checking your accounts.
  • Practice handling cash, and work on spending cash for recreational activities.


These are just a few helpful skills to learn as you start on your path to independence. The foundation for your independent living success starts with small steps, courage, and a great attitude.


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