Wellness Wednesday at CIP Brevard
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Wellness Wednesday at CIP Brevard

The following is a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.

20150701_090415Wellness Wednesday was a huge success at CIP Brevard. To jump start the fun filled day of exercise, the morning started with made-to-order omelets and fresh fruit smoothies; compliments of the CIP staff.

Wellness Instructor, Senior Master Lance, gathered staff and students under the large oak tree for Tai Chi exercise, as students eagerly awaited the addition of our Summer CIP high school students and staff. Once together, everyone was led in a group warm up exercise, followed by a few games of kickball and volleyball.

When everyone appeared loose and excited, the experience kicked up another notch to a circuit training session where Admissions Coordinator, Heather, had students working up a sweat.

Senior Master Lance also led instruction in self-defense and martial arts. And finally, Therapist Val cooled everyone down with mindfulness exercises.

As challenges were met and goals achieved, students and staff were excited to gather on the grounds, for an enjoyable end of the day barbeque.