Veronica Crawford’s Book “Embracing the Monster: Reviewed by Noted Disability Blogger
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Veronica Crawford’s Book “Embracing the Monster: Reviewed by Noted Disability Blogger

Janet Reyes blogs for Climbing The Cinder Cone, a publication that presents resources that may help young people with mental health challenges. Her focus is on situations that “fall through the cracks,” where it isn’t clear what programs or treatments are appropriate. Falling through the cracks is a term that certainly applies to millions of people who grew up with diagnosed or undiagnosed LD, ADHD, Depression, Asperger’s and other “Hidden Disabilities.”
Reynes’ review of Embracing the Monster: Overcoming the Challenges of Hidden Disabilities explores Veronica’s theme that for most people with these conditions, life can seem like an endless series of daily obstacles in trying to fit in and be comfortable with themselves. It is often difficult for others who do not have these conditions to recognize or understand why someone with these diagnoses struggle with “simple things” like paying attention, following instructions or controlling their feelings.
She then writes about Veronica’s stories of courage and resilience in developing numerous ways to cope emotionally and use compensatory strategies to achieve success across the lifespan. These examples of critical and continual life adjustments are buttressed by clinical endnotes in each chapter by Dr. Larry Silver. Together, they provide many examples and ideas for timely diagnoses, guidance and accommodations for embracing personal diversity and overcoming the despair, desperation and unhealthy choices that often are associated with living with hidden learning and social differences. Please click here, for ordering information.

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