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The Berkshire Edge: RSYP Culinary Arts Dinner Showcases Future Chefs

Berkshire Edge - RLIStockbridge — Deep within the Red Lion Inn, the kitchen hums with work and music, and vats of stock and chicken potpie filling bubble along with cauldrons and ovens full of other comforting wonders.

It is the grey stretch between fall colors and Christmas preparations, and the town is pregnant with holiday cheer. The lobby is quiet but for a few off-season visitors sipping drinks and petting one of the resident cats. But work your way through the maze of the 200-year old hotel, you arrive in the vast kitchen, where in a prep station, professional chefs are helping handful of young culinary apprentices learn to cook and cook well.

In the hours before the dinner rush, the students are working on chicken pot pie and sweet potato hash, just one of many meals they’ve learned to prepare during their apprenticeship through Railroad Street Youth Project (RSYP), which coordinates apprentice programs for 14- to 26-year-olds in culinary arts, photography, cosmetology and massage. RSYP’s apprentice career coordinator Caitlin Hugel, hopes to soon add computer programming, theatre, and farming to the mix. RSYP also organizes individual custom apprenticeships, to “try to create what we don’t offer.”

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