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Ten Facts About CIP

#1. Designed to help young people with learning differences make successful transitions from adolescence to young adulthood

#2. CIP strives for a 100% internship/job rate / 75% of our CIP alumni are employed

#3. 40 hours of community service and volunteer experience per student through a variety of planned group activities

#4. Over 30 college and university options with support from CIP’s academic team

#5. Highly trained staff with a 1:2 staff:student ratio (full time equivalent)

#6. Cutting-edge curriculum in the areas of social competencies, executive functioning, college academics, career development, social skills and wellness/sensory processing

#7. Unique offerings such as visual and performing arts, art therapy, equine assisted therapy, organic farming, vet tech programs and animation

#8. Mid-term break trips offer the opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and learn about other cultures in a safe, supervised environment

#9. CIP helps develop the unique and considerable talents and gifts each student possesses and utilizes these attributes to teach them how to function “in” and contribute “to” society

#10. CIP students and our alumni work for our fun and educational Summer Programs, Summer@CIP and Mploy

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