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Technology: Optimizing Potential

The following is a special needs program update from College Living Experience | CLE | Choose Your Future. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

by Amy Radochonski, Vice President

Amy Radochonski, Vice President CLEMany CLE students have intellectual talents and aptitude in the area of technology; two of the most common interests being, 1.) film and 2.) video games. CLE has responded to these interests by finding unique ways to ensure that we support students pursuing vocations and needing skill development in technology, and utilizing their passion to be common ground for social development. Both film and video games could have the connotation of being isolating to people and hinder socialization. It could also be seen as an opportunity; depending on the lens you are looking through. At CLE, we have chosen the latter and believe that it is our responsibility to figure out how to harness student interests and create potential. The question is how can we do that effectively?

Costa Mesa, California

Film club - CLE Costa MesaIn Costa Mesa, the CLE team discovered several CLE students who shared a love of film. Utilizing their common interest, the team used this opportunity to start a formal Film club. The club now provides students with a chance to explore their passion for film while learning how to share ideas, listen to and give criticism, and even collaborate on projects. Now students are not just talking about film, they are making films alongside their peers and learning about the software and equipment that is needed to do so. The opportunities don’t just stop there though – the Film club has now resulted in the creation of the 1st Annual Summer Film Exploration hosted by CLE Costa Mesa. For two weeks this summer, young adults from across the country will have the opportunity to explore the world of film.

Austin, Texas

Game Design Exploration - CLE AustinNow lets examine video game engagement. This can bring strong viewpoints from professionals when trying to figure out how to balance the reinforcement a person can receive when playing video games versus the real potential of isolation. We take an approach of focusing on how to bring about a community amongst the “gamers”. When you have a group of online gamers, there are endless opportunities for growth and development. For students with initiation deficits or trouble learning how to invite peers to participate, in-group play can be a foundational skill used to expand social opportunities.

Our students at CLE Austin are well versed in the benefits of gaming and the social interaction that can occur as a result. For the past two years, students and staff have taking this one step further using their passion for gaming as a fundraising opportunity. Through the Extra Life non-profit group, students rallied together to form the team, Chaos Legion Elite, then worked collectively to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. In addition to their fundraising, the CLE staff also created a Video Game Design camp stemming from student’s interest.

The third annual Video Game Development Exploration will be held this spring in Austin. During this time, students will interface with their peers creating their own game with professional-grade software . This unique one-week opportunity is designed so students have meaningful experiences in the technological and social-learning realms.

Film Exploration - CLE Costa Mesa

When we can effectively utilize student strengths to propel their learning in a career field, as well as in their social development, we believe our students can maximize their potential. As an organization, that’s how we take a common interest and use it as an opportunity for growth.

Enjoy the rest of our Newsletter that touches upon various technology topics. Don’t forget to also check out our Pre-College Exploration options in both Austin and Costa Mesa.

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