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Teamwork and Theater at the Spectrum Playhouse

Wizard of OzLions and Scarecrows and Witches – oh my! Oh, and a man made of tin and a little dog too!

This week the Spectrum Playhouse at CIP Berkshire is bustling and ringing with the sounds of “Ding dong the witch is dead!” That’s right — Berkshire students are off on an adventure down the yellow brick road as we get ready to perform the musical classic “The Wizard of Oz”.

After auditioning last February, these performers were cast in their roles and the fun began. There is quite a lot of challenge in putting together a full scale musical production. Our Drama class has been rehearsing once weekly since right after March break and 3 times per week since Summer session started. They learn lines, songs and lyrics, and even choreography. In addition, our Theater practicum class members have been pulling and creating costumes, searching for and making props, and building the set for the production. This is truly a team effort!

So many skills are involved in putting up a production. Students are learning cooperation and patience as well as how to navigate the stage and project their voices. Listening and focusing is another key ingredient to making it all work. At this point with only one week before our show opens, students have most of their lines memorized. Our backstage crew is learning when and how to move the set pieces and when to cue the lights and sound.

The excitement is building and we can’t wait to have our family, friends, and community members join us in the audience to share in the fun!

See you in the Emerald City – We are off to see the Wizard!

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