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Summer Program Takeaways: Career Assessments


Assessing career fit involves looking at a student’s interests, transferrable skills, aptitudes, sensory issues, and desired level of education. Our Summer Programs utilize assessment tools to help identify careers that a student may want to research deeper and further explore through internship/work experience.  Internships are a great opportunity to assess a student’s ability to pay attention to detail, take initiative, accept feedback, and other skills which are critical to work success. Our Summer Programs also discuss the importance of endurance, work schedules, disclosure, and obtaining workplace accommodations to prepare for the future. Some of the tools we utilize include:

  • Career Assessments – used to measure interests, skills, values, and work performance traits and identify recommended careers to research further
  • Personality Assessments – used to measure positive character strengths and personality types that correspond with various careers
  • Autism-Related Assessments – used to provide direction regarding appropriate internship/job placements

Young adults who would like to learn more about various careers are encouraged to participate in our Summer Programs for a jump start! Other resources can be found here, or your local college career centers.

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