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Students in Transition at CIP Bloomington

Andrew and KarenBy Karen Thomas
Program Director, CIP Bloomington

We offer a fond farewell to the seven students who recently transitioned out of CIP. We celebrated together with a luncheon at the Irish Lion on July 24th, 2015.

Students left with a transition portfolio that included an impressive collection of all the “Identity Capital” they collected during their time at CIP. Whether students chose to return to their home towns or to remain part of the Bloomington community, they carried with them ideas and resources for future endeavors. Here’s some information about each student:

  • Thomas: Completed a degree in Psychology from Indiana University. He is presently working full-time at a local agency supporting and teaching life skills to individuals in assisted living homes. He has been living in Bloomington on his own for the last year.
  • Anna: Completed a Certification in Office Administration from Ivy Tech Community College. She is actively seeking employment and is supported through the process by Vocational Rehabilitation. She is living in Bloomington with a group of young women supported by an adult service agency.
  • Amy: Completed an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She currently holds a job at Goodwill Industries. Amy has been living off-site in the Bloomington community on her own for the last 3 years.
  • Andrew: Happily moved into his own Bloomington apartment and is living with minimal supports from privately hired individuals. Vocational Rehabilitation will support him as needed at work. He is currently employed at the Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse, a local restaurant, and at Indiana University Halls of Residence in food services.
  • Patrick: Has his own apartment in Bloomington. He takes classes at both IU and Ivy Tech Community College. He is pursuing a degree in Linguistics from Indiana University.
  • Adam: Moving back to his Michigan home. He will be actively searching for work supported by home town adult services and Vocational Rehabilitation. Before he left, he and his advisor researched opportunities back home to continue with community and social involvement.
  • Sawyer: Moving back to Kansas. He is leaving with lots of experiences from his many internships and community volunteer opportunities. He is enrolled in classes at a community college in his home town.

We spent a lot of quality time with these seven students through the years and hold many memories of our work together. Their departure and our letting go are bittersweet. We remember their strengths and wish them all the best. We hope they will stay in touch and return often to visit!

CIP Bloomington Transition Luncheon
Thomas and Mendy
CIP Bloomington Transition Luncheon
CIP Bloomington Transition Luncheon
CIP Bloomington Transition Luncheon
CIP Bloomington Transition Luncheon

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