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Student Holiday Party 2014

What is a holiday without the traditional Southwestern brunch including homemade tamales, fruit, a side of muffins, coffee and juice?  As the party unfolded with some “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” music echoing in the background, last minute preparation was happening behind the scenes.  Gifts were purchased  from the ridiculous to the not so ridiculous in record time and the last minute frenzy added to the excitement.  At 10:00 am, as planned, gifts were wrapped and under the tree and so the White Elephant exchange began.  Everyone selected a gift and what was absurd to some, was worth its weight in gold to others. Cat was the first to select the toilet plunger and her expression was one of perplexity.. After all picked their first gift, everyone began stealing and students were strategizing on how to make those gifts they liked invisible, but eyes were on the six pack of toilet paper and Moe, LDI’s Lead Student Advisor, could hardly contain herself as she so proudly took the six pack from Lizzy, squeezing it all the way back to her seat.  The smile quickly vanished from Lizzy’s face as she handed over the six pack to Moe, but with a vengeance. Lizzy swiped the dish detergent from Matt.  By this point, Matt has already given up the toilet paper and dish detergent.  He had reached his limit and his patience was running thin when he noticed a four pack of toothbrushes that Arden was hanging onto for dear life.  He politely walked over the Arden, snatched the toothbrushes and returned to his seat as though he just won lotto. 


Students formed groups for the Gingerbread House competition and the first place winners were – Jordan, Lizzie and Richard who received a $10 dollar gift card and one gift from underneath the holiday tree. The students and staff alike celebrated with joy and laughter in an event that was a true testament to the holiday spirit.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL..


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