Student Highlight: Victor H.
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Student Highlight: Victor H.

The following is a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.

HirshfieldV 2Victor set his goal to go to college when he came to CIP, and there was no doubt that he meant it. He has enrolled in class after class, English, Writing, Science and Math and Art History. Although he struggled with some, his motivation never waned. He attends all of his classes and all of his tutoring sessions. He makes time to get his homework done and asks for help when he needs it. When obstacles arise, Victor confronts them head on. He has learned to use college resources, such as the Disabilities counselors, speaking with professors, using the tutoring center and learning to use Moodle, the college’s web site.

None of this has been easy for Victor. He has struggled at times, but he was never willing to give up. He has always known what he wanted and set out to get it. Lessons learned have been many. Speaking up for himself with people at the college that he may not know, is one accomplishment. Another is communicating and problem solving with a professor. He has learned to voice his needs and concerns to CIP staff, especially tutors.

Victor’s greatest attribute is that when he gets discouraged or confused, he works harder. His motivation is paramount. As long as he keeps that in his back pocket, many successes lie ahead.