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Recognizing LDI Student Success

We recognize and honor the efforts of the following students moving on from LDI as they build a better life!

  • Richard M- completed two years at LDI, held down a FT position with Kroger’s, saved a bunch of money, learned to drive and is moving into his own place in Virginia.
  • Kaynan A- completed one year at LDI, earned a 3.65 GPA and was accepting into the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he will be a FT student majoring in Sports Management.
  • Collin H- completed one year at LDI, completing Bachelor degree where he majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He is pursuing FT employment in Nebraska.
  • Matt B- completed two years at LDI, completed 2nd summer as LDI staff for Emerging Leaders Summer Academy and has accepted job offer to continue employment with the program as Residential Associate.


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