Project PAVE students move toward graduation with great job skills
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Project PAVE students move toward graduation with great job skills

Congrats to Randy, Catherine, John C., Jon G., Patrick and Adam on doing a great job this year at Chapel Haven’s Project PAVE.

Our Chapel Haven participants in Project PAVE have had an amazing year learning about the professional workplace and making friends and admirers in each of the offered internships at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Kristine Fornaby, PAVE Program Coordinator for Chapel Haven, said, “This wonderful group of volunteers has contributed almost 500 hours each to the hospital since September. They have truly become members of the hospital workforce and will be missed when they graduate.”

The PAVE volunteers have been busy on the job and beginning the search for paid employment. They have finished writing resumes, have collected references, are filling out job applications, and are fine-tuning their interview skills. In these last few weeks before they graduate, they continue to learn new tasks in their departments and practice workplace social skills. They have all applied for job development services with the CT Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). A few have already gone through work evaluations and are actively applying and interviewing for jobs in the community.

“We asked the volunteers if they had any advice for the applicants for the PAVE 2017-2018 year. Here is what they said,” Kristine noted.

To the PAVE 2017-18 Applicants:

“Be calm, positive, and confident no matter what in the workplace. I’d say that there is nothing to worry about because there will be someone there to help. Also, if someone thinks he or she won’t like the work they do, I’d say, “you never know until you try.” ~Patrick Doyle
“For the incoming students who are going to participate in PAVE for the 2017-2018 school year, my advice is to always be punctual and work hard in the hospital. I would also advise them to do their best because if they rush, they might make mistakes. Also make sure to be prepared for new assignments.” ~ Randall Womack

“My advice I’d give to the future PAVE volunteers is to try your best and take your time at work. If you make a mistake, see what you did wrong, learn from it, and move on. Best of luck!”
~ Catherine Harris

“As a piece of advice I would give to the future volunteers, I would have to say if you’re unsure what to do, just talk to your supervisor and ask them.” ~ John Cranmer
“The advice I’d have to give to incoming students is that it will be a good experience and you will get stronger work skills that will help you get a good job in the future.” ~ Jon Gaynor

“To the future PAVE class, I hope you gain new experience working here and obtain new people skills. If you have a question, ask your coworkers. Good luck next year. ~ Adam Boekman

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