Moving Forward Towards Independence

We are a transitional and community living program for adults with learning and developmental challenges. By providing an environment that maintains a balance of challenges and support, Moving Forward fosters growth in social, vocational and interpersonal skills. Working in partnership with residents and their families, we offer a safe, caring and responsive community where adults with learning challenges can enjoy productive, fulfilling and healthy lives.

A nonprofit organization founded in 1998 by a group of parents, Moving Forward is a unique residential program where young adults with disabilities learn to enjoy productive, fulfilling and healthy lives within a caring and safe community made up of fellow residents, trained staff members, parents and various representatives of volunteer organizations and businesses in the greater Napa community.

To date, nearly one hundred young adults, ranging in age from 18 to 37, have participated in the program. Many have progressed so much as to be able to move on to their own apartments nearby, maintaining their connection to the Moving Forward community through the many friendships they’ve formed, and through classes, social activities and case management services. Most have jobs in the community, perform volunteer work, and/or attend nearby Napa Valley Community College.

Moving Forward Towards Independence is both a transitional and life-long program. The Transition Program provides 24-hour supervision and a great deal of structure preparing residents to move into their own homes and apartments in the community. When residents are ready, they progress to the Community Living Program, where one-on-one case management services as well as full access to group activities, classes and services are provided.

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