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Organizing Your Life: A CIP Long Beach Student Blog Post

Spring Cleaning LB

By Emily H
CIP Long Beach Student

You are preparing to clean out your closet and get rid of old clothes. There’s a shirt you really like that you want to make sure you keep; however, as you search your closet you can’t seem to find it. Where could it be?

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, it might mean that there needs to be more organization in your life. Organizing is an essential part of being a successful individual and CIP student. In my personal experience, I’ve found that holding most of my papers in folders or dividing them each into individual tabs for varying modules has been a helpful strategy for being on top of my organizational structure. My CIP binder is full of color coded folders for each module, along with individual tabs. I keep a separate binder for my college classes as well; however, I implemented the same system, displaying that this can be used in both the CIP environment and the school environment. Nevertheless, even despite having structure in place you can still manage to lose or even over-accumulate papers and other valuables.

In the Apartment

This system can also be implemented in the apartment setting. When living with a roommate, having the difference between your belongings and theirs is very important. For example, my roommate and I have our own separate cabinets in the kitchen for our cutlery. We also have the fridge divided into shelves. My shelf is the top, my roommate’s shelf is in the middle and we share the bottom shelf. We also share items throughout the apartment such as the microwave, toaster and kitchen utensils. In my room I keep all my belongings in separate baskets depending on size and what the item is. For instance, I have a bigger basket for electronic chargers and a smaller one for cards, stamps and stationery. The baskets I have fit like Tetris. They all have a place no matter what.

Daily Schedules

It is very important to keep a schedule in life. For example, keeping a copy of your daily schedule will help you be aware of what you have coming up in your day. Make sure you know when your breaks are so you’re not running late. To help me make sure I’m always on time, I have my schedule on my smart phone and I get alerts 30 minutes before each module to make sure I know what’s coming next in my day. Every student at CIP has a copy of their schedule in the back of their binder to reference when needed. If we ever forget what module we have next, we just turn over our binder and check to see if we have modules coming up.

As you can see, organization can help your day to day life. As a productive CIP student, it is important to keep your life balanced with good structuring skills and general social growth. Overall, organization is important and should be practiced as it will benefit you in CIP and even in the real world.

Spring Cleaning - Long Beach
Spring Cleaning - Long Beach
Spring Cleaning - Long Beach

About the Author

Emily is a first year student at CIP. She is 19 years old and originally from Culver City, CA. Her goals at CIP include making new friends, maintaining a budget, and succeeding in her college course. She enjoys reading, studying Jewish history, and singing in her spare time.

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