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OPTIONS students spread Holiday Cheer

Students at OPTIONS Transitions to Independence spread some Holiday Cheer prior to Winter Break.

Extension students at OPTIONS had the opportunity to purchase Holiday gifts for local school children in need. Students used their own activity money to purchase clothing and toys for these children, rather than spending the money on themselves.

The local school counselor who worked with OPTIONS and the Extension Students in the charity event recently expressed her gratitude for the students’ generosity.

“The look on one mom’s face was priceless,” she wrote. “In a way, it is kind of not fair to you and your ‘shoppers’ because I got to do the fun part – delivering the gifts to the parents, and you guys did the hard part – the shopping and funding. Just know that each family was truly appreciative of the gifts that they are now going to get to give to their children.

“You are doing great things and are very much appreciated by the local school community. Thank you!”

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