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OPTIONS student prepare a feast for their Halloween Bash

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OPTIONS students explore cultures through cuisine every Wednesday evening. This past Wednesday, students enjoyed a “Halloween Bash.”

Culinary Diversity Night is a themed dinner where each standard apartment prepares a complex dish from various cultures. Two of the apartments host the dinners. The recipes are predetermined by staff and given to students during meal preparation.
Culinary Diversity Night began this school year on August 29 with a “Hawaiian Luau” theme, followed by:
  • American BBQ on September 12
  • “Into the Garden” on September 19
  • Thai Satay on September 26
  • Spanish Tapas on October 3
  • Jamaican Vibes on October 10
  • Japanese Sushi Bar on October 24
  • Halloween Bash on October 31
  • Swiss Fondue on November 7
  • Thanksgiving Feast on November 14
  • Traditional Pot Luck on November 28
  • Holiday Social on December 5
Students prep the food on Tuesday evening and cook on Wednesday.
“It is necessary for us to have prep work on Tuesdays to allow our students to see the time and effort needed to make a meal of this size. This, in turn, allows them to have an appreciation for their specific menu item and enjoy the entire culinary experience,” said Jeff Vincent, Independent Living Counselor at OPTIONS. “Culinary Diversity Nights are themed to allow students to explore, prep and cook specific ethnic/American cuisines. Every week students have a specific recipe that breaks down which apartment will have the main entree, side item, dessert and beverage.
Our students have been amazing in their participation this year and will continue working each week on complex themes and recipes throughout the year.”
OPTIONS (Optimizing Potential Through Individualized, On-going, Nurtured Successes) Transitions to Independence is a comprehensive transitional program for students with learning disabilities who have graduated from high school, earned their GED, or who have chosen to defer graduation in order to participate in a transitional program.

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