New Summer Program Helps Students Prep for College
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New Summer Program Helps Students Prep for College

The following is a special needs program update from Mansfield Hall. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

The College Readiness Program Emphasizes Academic and Life Skills Development

Mansfield Hall, a Burlington (Vermont) college assistance and residential program for students with learning challenges, mild autism, and other conditions, has launched a comprehensive eight-week summer program for students with college aspirations and entering college freshmen who are looking for an intensive college prep program. The College Readiness Program focuses on the necessary skills for succeeding in college while emphasizing Mansfield Hall’s four core guiding principles of learning, living, giving, and engaging.

“It’s a huge transition coming to college and even greater for students with learning challenges and other conditions,” said Mansfield Hall President Perry LaRoque, Ph.D. “We want to give these students an authentic college experience and help them develop the skills that will make that transition much easier.”

Incoming students will be able to select one or two college courses offered by a Burlington area college. Students will gain college classroom experience while participating in Mansfield Hall’s half-day program that targets skills development in course management, organization, time management, group collaboration, note taking, studying, classroom behavior, self-advocacy and college writing.

Students will live in Mansfield Hall’s college residence adjacent to the University of Vermont campus. While there, they will work on developing life skills—cooking, money management, conflict resolution, stress management, collaborative problem solving, and effective communication—to help them live independently in college and beyond.

“We believe that volunteering and civic engagement are important aspects of any college experience,” said LaRoque. “Through the College Readiness Program, students will participate in volunteer opportunities in the community to help promote vocational skills, self esteem, perspective taking, and social skills.”

Mansfield Hall staff also arranges many group activities so students can explore and pursue recreational and social interests like hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, attending music or cultural events, sailing, participating in recreational sports, and much more.

The College Readiness Program will run this summer from June 14 through August 9. Mansfield Hall also offers the Summer Semester program for continuing college students.

For more information about the College Readiness Program at Mansfield Hall, contact: Grant Leibersberger (executive director) at (802) 440-0532 or email

About Mansfield Hall:
Mansfield Hall is a comprehensive college support program and residence for young adults who will benefit from a holistic approach to higher education and independent living. The Mansfield Hall mission is to assist students with learning and other challenges to successfully earn a college degree, develop living skills, and begin a productive career and independent lifestyle. For more information, visit or call (802) 870-0862.

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