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Making it REAL: Graphic Design Internship with CIP National

CIP Internship

Internships are an important part of the CIP experience. Our highly-trained staff provides guidance and support in matching students’ interest or fields of study with their abilities and placing them in appropriate internships. CIP has an initiative for 100% student internship/job placement each enrollment year.

Hello, my name is Mike. I am currently going the CIP Berkshire center and I am in my 2nd and final year at CIP. I currently have an internship at the CIP National Office doing graphic design work for the Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer. The work I will be doing includes creating posters and flyers, and creating items to put in my portfolio for potential employers to look at.

I decided to get this internship to explore the world of graphic design and really get a sense of how it is like in the real world. Ultimately, I want to get better in my own graphic design work. In this internship, I will get the chance to go to museums like Mass MoCA and Norman Rockwell and learn about the different types of art and how each organization does graphic design. Although this is my first doing an internship like this, I’m very excited for this opportunity that I have been given.

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