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LDI Students in Action

This past weekend students from LDI attended Arizona’s Annual Taco Festival, which featured between 40 – 50 different restaurants who brought their own unique twist on Tacos in addition to having jump houses, live action Lucha Libre Wrestling, taco eating contests, Chihuahua beauty contests, Flair Bartender challenge, and workshops focused upon cooking techniques.

Also, students are experiencing tremendous success here at LDI:

  • Adam N. is due to graduate this fall from Paradise Valley Community College.
  • Eric S. will be volunteering at Thunderbird Hospital.
  • Gabo is successfully volunteering and utilizing his graphics arts skills at the Peoria Chamber of Commerce. He is designing promotional items for Peoria’s annual golf outing.
  • Lisa M. is in the application process to attend ASU.
  • Lizzy D. secured employment with Crate and Barrel.
  • Ryan B. is celebrating his 4th year with UPS.
  • Stephanie B had a great interview on 10/16/15 with Peckham and is waiting to hear final results.


In addition to their success, LDI students have been displaying their amazing gifts here at LDI and with the community. More of these successes and strengths will be posted each week. As a taste of what is to come, two of our students, Jordan H. & Nick M., wrote and performed the following song live laugh love; click here to listen. 

Also, Lisa M., has a self-published book of poetry. Among the poems she has written is one entitled “Smile,” which is shared here to encourage that happiness in all of us today:


Some people think it’s wads of cash that make a life worthwhile…
But what makes the world a better place is a super, smashing…


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