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Juried Art Show at the Good Purpose Gallery

Juried Art Show

The opening reception of the Juried Student Art Show at the Good Purpose Gallery on May 19th was a well-attended and celebrated event! It was an honor and a pleasure to represent so many talented young artists from Berkshire County high schools and the College Internship Program. Students from our CIP centers across the country submitted artwork that was juried by the same process in conjunction with this show — based on quality, intention, and content; excellence of craftsmanship; distinction in the use of design elements; and professional presentation.

All students were invited to submit work in any medium and the results are phenomenal with a remarkable diversity of artwork ranging from graphite drawings, photography, monoprints to mixed media. CIP held a contest with their students in relation to this exhibit and there were three winners and several honorable mentions.

Here is a list of participating students and photographs from the opening reception, held on May 19.

1st place
Rebecca B, CIP Brevard
Entry: Galactic Turtle

2nd place
Elizabeth G, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Purple Night

3rd place
Regan R, CIP Bloomington
Entry: Stairways

CIP Student Show Finalists

Elizabeth G, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Fleur De Lis

Erik Jon T, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Waterfall

Ben B, CIP Berkshire
Entry: untitled photograph

Jacky H, CIP Bloomington
Entry: Self Portrait

Rebecca B, CIP Brevard
Entry: Bleidd

Brendan C, CIP Berkshire
Entry: untitled

Jack R, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Leaf

Stephanie S, CIP Brevard
Entry: Waiting on the World to Change

Parker S & Rachel M, CIP Bloomington
Entry: Collage with Coffee Filters

Tai B, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Tortoise

Nathan G, CIP Bloomington
Entry: Reflection

Julie C, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Untitled photograph

Connor R, CIP Berkshire
Entry: Italy

Elyssa S, CIP Brevard
Entry: Nova

Theo M, CIP Berkeley
Entries: 2 untitled photographs

Galina S, CIP Berkshire
Entries: 2 untitled monoprints


Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show
Juried Art Show

The Gallery’s mission is to help integrate young individuals on Autism Spectrum and with other Learning Differences into the community, enrich their lives through art and creativity, and provide the opportunity for professional artists to share their skills and passion with exhibits, workshops and lectures.

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