Interview with CIP President Dan McManmon
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Interview with CIP President Dan McManmon

The following is a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

Via Autism Spectrum Quarterly

What’s new at CIP?
CIP is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. We have record enrollment and we’re undergoing expansions at several of our locations. This is an exciting time for us.

What programs do you offer?
We have six year round and twelve summer programs across the country for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum and with Learning Differences.

Where are your programs located?
Our centers are located in Massachusetts, California, New York, Florida and Indiana.

Explain what do your students do during a typical day
Our students attend CIP’s offices and classrooms for individual and group appointments in the areas of executive functioning, social skills development, independent living skills, academic support, career development and wellness. Students might also attend college courses at a nearby college, participate in internships and jobs, and spend social time with their friends in the evening at their apartments. On weekends students attend fun activities such as bowling, the movies, museums and more. An average week for a particular student might contain 30 hours or so of individual and group services.

Do your students get out into the community?
Our goal is for 100% of our students to work in internships or have jobs in their field of interest. We work to get them ready for meaningful employment. We also believe in community service and our students volunteer at Autism Awareness events, Relay For Life and other worthy causes. It’s a win for everyone involved.

What are the age ranges of your students?
Our full year program enrolls students ages 18-26. Our two week summer programs are geared for teens 16-19, and we also now have a new summer program for young adults ages 18-26. The summer programs are a great way for students to experience some independence and get a taste of college life.

What are the differences between your CIP center locations?
All centers provide similar types of service and support offerings; each is located in a safe and convenient area that is centrally located to their apartments, colleges, banks, grocery stores, etc. Some locations have unique additional offerings such as visual and performing arts, equine and art therapy programs, Staff often bring their own diverse interests and backgrounds in areas such as martial arts, digital media and broadcasting, etc

Where do students live?
Our year-round students live semi-independently closeby in apartments with a roommate. Each student has their own room and shares a common area for cooking and socializing. We also have 24 hour emergency on-call support.

What are your goals?
Our primary goal is to help our students gain the skills and confidence they need to become productive and independent members of society. We’re proud to offer the most comprehensive program in the country serving young adults with Asperger’s and other Learning Differences. As we mark this 30th year milestone, we will continue our mission to provide cutting edge services that are tailored to the needs of each student.