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Inaugural LDI Campus Olympics


Life Development Institute is proud to announce the inaugural LDI Campus Olympics. Students and staff engaged in fun-filled competitions that were non-traditional including Apple Stacking, Trash Can Basketball, Water Balloon Toss and last, but certainly not least, the amusing Blindfolded Whipped Cream/Covered Chocolate Donut Eating contest.


  • Matt C. (staff) and Steven P. (student) – Water Balloon Toss
  • Kaynan A. (student) – Waste Paper Basketball
  • Lisa M. & Richard M. (students) – Apple Stacking
  • Justin C. (staff) and Taylor (student) – whipped cream/chocolate covered donut eating

Everyone participated in at least one event and even those who typically stand on the sidelines, opted to join in as well. When staff and students were not participating in an event, they were all actively cheering those who were. This activity not only resulted in a time for fun, but also fostered camradery communication, socialization and team building. Most notable; however, were the smiles and laughter that were shared amongst everyone!

Water Balloon Toss
The winner of the Water Balloon Toss
Catch it!
Trash Can Basketball!
Apple Stacking
The soon to be Doughnut Eating Contest Winners!
Get ready to get messy!
Strategically Apple Stacking
I'm done!

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