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High School Program Form

Academy students are non-traditional learners and thinkers who have a broad range of relative academic and personal strengths.

ALL students are enrolled in a diploma-track educational program offering transferable college credit, practical life preparation, instruction and guidance to improve social thinking and overall Executive Functioning (EF).

I came to LDI to help me find the next step in my life, whether it be vocational or college. I also came to LDI to discover more about myself. I am starting college in the spring; I hope to take a computer class at PVCC. My personal goals are, to become better with money, better my independent living skills, and lastly gain new friendships.

~ 1st year student


Matthew B


What brought me here to LDI is that I want to be more independent and not always rely on others. One success as I am attending LDI is that they taught me how to cook and be more independent.

~ 1st year student

Chelsea P


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If you or someone you know may be interested in attending the 2017 Emerging Leaders Summer Academy, please call 866-736-7811 or email 

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