Getting Your Finances in Order
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Getting Your Finances in Order

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By Amy Radochonski

Getting Your Finances in Order

One of our favorite financial tools is Its easy, up to date picture of your finances can help mitigate some of the challenges students face along the way. Not familiar with how to make it useful? Here are some of the best ways:

  • Bill remindersSet up an alert to notify you that you have bill due dates or a low balance on your account
  • MintUse the auto-categorization feature that sorts expenditures such as bills and utilities, groceries, entertainment or personal care to monitor if you staying within your budget
  • Spending GoalsReconcile your monthly budget based on spending history and track progress towards spending goals

Interested in other ways to help over-spending?


  • Using a cash budget and eliminating debit or credit card use
  • Organizing cash in your wallet with small envelopes or paper clips that identify how you can spend the budgeted amount in your wallet
  • Making more at home meals; the more you can meal plan, the more you may eliminate eating out or wasting groceries

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