Five Benefits of Volunteering
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Five Benefits of Volunteering

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By Tasnim Moulton, Director

There are many benefits when it comes to volunteering that extend well beyond the altruistic nature of the act. College Living Experience (CLE) believes in paying it forward, encouraging all of its participants to get plugged into their communities. Here are five global benefits of volunteering that make the experience meaningful not only for the individual, but also for the community that they call home.

Connecting with others

When volunteering, you are able to interact with individuals from all walks of life. This allows you to improve your adaptability in versatile social contexts. Connecting with others assists in the development of skills that enhance the ability to network; a necessary aspect of any job opportunity, educational endeavor, career path, or goal in life.


Advancing your career

Volunteering also allows for the advancement of your career. Volunteer work is highly regarded by employers when choosing candidates for employment, especially at the entry-level. Volunteer work can help resumes stand out among others, ultimately assisting in the advancement of your career.

Strengthening your mind & body

Increased well-being is a great health benefit that comes with volunteering. The simple act of giving back without the expectation of receiving anything in return makes an individual feel better about themselves, their contribution to the community and mankind in general. Volunteering also provides individuals with a social outlet where they can build and nurture relationships, and increase their level of physical activity.

Volunteer as a group

Having fun & experiencing fulfillment

The best volunteer positions benefit both the volunteer and the organization. It’s fun to gather together with a group of others volunteering their time towards a cause that you believe in. This positive environment of working with others towards a shared goal creates an enhanced sense of fulfillment.

Giving back to your community

One of the most important benefits that come from volunteering is the lasting effect it has on the community. There is a solidarity created among community members. Volunteering helps to involve community members across age, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

Newsletter Articles – October 2014

career development services

You may remember in the July Newsletter, Celebrating Great Outcomes, we released our 2013-2014 student academic accomplishments. We have been overwhelmed by the response from our readers celebrating these remarkable successes with us. Thank you for taking the time to pass along your kudos!

Albert Einstein

October is National Disability Employment Month which aims to increase our awareness of individuals with disabilities in the workforce. Obtaining and keeping a job is tough for most of society and can be even more challenging for someone with a disability.

Put your disability awareness knowledge to the test. How much do you know about reasonable accommodations, celebrities with disabilities, and a variety of other disability factoids?


I would like to introduce you to Ryan Rucci. Ryan has been a student at CLE Austin since August of 2009, when he first began his post-secondary education at Austin Community College. This December, Ryan expects to graduate from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management with a focus in Human Resources. As he prepares to search for his first full-time job in Human Resources, Ryan reflects back on some of his past employment experiences and the goals that he has for himself in the future.

letter to employer

As of 2012, “Autism Speaks has found that 9 out of 10” individuals with autism “are either are unemployed or underemployed, regardless of their IQ or education level (Autism Speaks, 2014). There are a lot of different reasons for this very concerning phenomenon. As an individual with autism searching for work, I feel that one reason could be due to what I call “soft discrimination.” I worry that when I disclose my diagnosis to a potential employer, I become a liability or a less attractive candidate. I also feel that, as a person with autism, I take pains to understand where my employer is coming from relative to me. Below I have written an “open letter” to employers to share my perspective and perhaps aid in better understanding each other.

Job accommodations - Bobby working at the science museum

If you choose to disclose your disability in the workplace, there are no requirements about how much you share or whom you share this information with. Don’t be overwhelmed by all staff knowing your personal information, think of this as a decision that can be made on a “need to know” basis. One of the largest benefits of disclosure is giving you, the employee, a chance to have an honest discussion surrounding what will make you the most successful on the job. An individual in the Human Resources department can frequently be of best assistance in helping you to communicate with your direct supervisor.

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