Express Yourself Club at CIP Brevard

CIP Brevard art project- Spiders

Each CIP location provides unique opportunities for students to express themselves artistically and develop their unique talents. These optional classes enhance CIP’s core values of social executive functioning.

Here is one of the cool pieces of Halloween artwork created by the Brevard Center students under the direction of Steve Selpal, artist and CIP art teacher.  The spiders were made by students out of newspaper, masking tape, and paint in our Express Yourself club, and the web was created out of rope by Steve.

Steve Selpal - CIP Brevard LobbyCheck out Steve’s portrait “Take the First Step to Your Future.”  Located in our lobby, this is a portrait of our CIP Brevard Center (with Eastern Florida State College in the background). EFSC is conveniently located directly across the street from our offices — just a short walk for our students!

Temple Grandin - Steve SelpalIn 2012, Steve painted Temple Grandin as part of a series of portraits of “personalities who are giving the cause of Autism Awareness current visibility.”  Click here for more information about Steve Selpal.

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