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Exciting vocational news & updates, Chapel Haven West

Rebecca is honored for her work at Safeway

Community Member Rebecca M. recently won an incentive award at work! Rebecca enjoys assisting and interacting with the customers at Safeway and received the award based on positive customer satisfaction surveys. Rebecca shared that the Social Communication concepts she has discussed and practiced during her weekly meetings with Speech-Language Pathologist Kelli Foreman have not only helped her with customer interactions, but with co-worker interactions as well. Based on her dedication to Chapel Haven West’s program, we expect to see more rewards and successes in Rebecca’s future. Way to go, Rebecca!


 Chapel Haven West’s partnership with the Arizona Theatre Co. receives good ink


Chapel Haven West’s new partnership with the Arizona Theatre Company has resulted in some wonderful internships. The students help build sets and support the company’s productions.

The Chapel Haven West vocational program includes classes to teach students the skills necessary to effectively navigate the work setting; a work study program through which students participate in targeted internship to practice and grow their skills; and – when they’re ready – application for paid employment with the help of CHW’s trained vocational staff.

In spring of 2017, Chapel Haven West Voc Coordinator Samantha Sharman approached the theatre company’s Learning & Education Associate Jasmine Roth to see whether CHW’s vocation program would be a good fit for ATC, and Ms. Roth coordinated with other key ATC department heads to help find and create meaningful internship positions for CHW students.

Currently, ATC is working with two interns from Chapel Haven West: Lauren Damuth and Josh Gordon. “I work closely with each student to find internships that align with their strengths and interests, as well as their areas for growth,” Ms. Sharman said. “The students who currently work for ATC had previously expressed interests in education, theatre arts, and construction.”

 Lauren Damuth has spent the past few months working in the Learning & Education department with Ms. Roth and with Administrative Assistant / Volunteer Coordinator Angela Aldrin on administrative tasks ranging from clerical work to greeting and assisting patrons before shows. Josh Gordon interns in the scene and prop shops, where he has worked closely with Technical Director Phil Blackwood and Assistant Technical Director Dominic De Riso, who are mentoring him in key areas of artistry and construction.

“Both students have immensely enjoyed their experiences,” said Ms. Sharman. “In addition to having the opportunity to practice their social communication and vocational skills – key areas that CHW teaches – they are also learning transferable hard skills that they will be able to take with them to future jobs.”

Congrats to all. Read more on Facebook: Community Partnership: Chapel Haven West

A Hunter Nall creation

Student great at creating costumes

CHW student Hunter Nall has shown his creative side by designing and making intricate costumes! In addition to hand stitching, gluing, and building his elaborate creations, he also designs every aspect. He is great at using non-traditional materials, such as cardboard, PVC pipe, and even pool noodles! Some of his costumes are characters which he has originated in his own hand-drawn cartoons. On Sundays, Hunter holds a “Tooner’s Club” where students can get together to draw and design cartoon characters of their own. His enthusiasm and creativity shows in his work! Awesome job, Hunter!

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