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End of Term Highlights: Spring 2016

End of Term

We are so proud of all the accomplishments our students have made over the last few months. Here are a few highlights from our centers:

  • Berkeley, Brevard, and Long Beach have 100% internship placement
  • 100% of off-campus students at CIP Berkshire have jobs
  • The average GPA at Berkeley, Bloomington, and Brevard are 3.0 (with other centers still waiting on final grades)

Changes are in store for CIP Bloomington

From celebrating 10 years to welcoming a new Program Director, we are looking forward to all the changes happening at our Bloomington Center.

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CIP Berkeley readies its students transitioning to summer break

At our CIP Berkeley Center, we are preparing to invite families to campus for end-of-term meetings and our Convocation celebration.

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CIP Brevard’s transitioning class on what they’ve learned at CIP


Where I Started: CIP Summer Program. I struggled with attention issues and I knew I did not want to go to college. After working with the equine program, I realized I wanted a career with animals that would keep me active.

Gains I Made: valuable communication skills through living with roommates and I developed more productive relationships with my peers. I really created a great net-
work of friends! I learned to drive and to drive long distances so that I could drive to my dream job.

Next Steps: Continue to learn to train horses and assume more responsibility by working and taking care of the horses while my supervisor is on vacation. Attend CIP’s Graduate Living Program.


Where I Started: I came from a college and wanted to continue working on my associate’s degree. I had problems with following through with tasks because I did not want to ask for help.

Gains I Made: I made significant gains in understanding nonverbal cues and flow of conversation. I have been a valued member of the CIP Admissions Team as a student ambassador. I also graduated from Massage Therapy School, while attending CIP.

Next Steps: Looking for an apartment with a friend from CIP and obtaining a paid job. I am excited about CIP’s Graduate Living Program to help me transition to full independence.


Where I Started: I started CIP as a college student. I struggled with saying, “no” and had a lot of college class attendance issues.

Gains I Made: I’m now much more honest with myself and others. I’ve created my own accountability system.  Most importantly, I’m becoming more assertive in relationships and ensuring my needs are being met.

Next Steps: I will continue to work on my BS degree majoring in Biomedical Sciences (BAS) with the academic assistance of CIP as I move into their Graduate Living Community.

Lauren HeadshotLauren:

Where I Started: I entered CIP with a Bachelor’s degree. I didn’t have a job or know what to do next in my life.

Gains I Made: I now have a job and a better idea of what to do moving forward.

Next Steps:  I plan to stay and live independently in the Brevard area; I’m working hard to move through the ranks at the library to an even better position.

AHC HeadshotAlex H:

Where I Started: I struggled to push through uncomfortable situations and I struggled to take recommendations and feedback without feeling like it was a personal issue with me. I maintained very minimal eye contact and spoke so softly it was difficult to hear me.

Gains I Made: After experiencing difficulties with job searching, I’m now more open to feedback and I search for ways to become more effective. I’m also beginning to communicate more effectively and found confidence in driving my own vehicle.

Next Steps: As I prepare to move off campus into my own apartment, with the assistance of CIP’s Graduate Living Community, I will begin to look for local doctors and supports in the area. I’m looking for full-time employment and will practice being more proactive and assertive.

Alex WAlex W:

Where I Started: In the beginning, I was not interested in academics at all. Some would say I was disrespectful toward others in my language and actions. I struggled to maintain boundaries.

Gains I Made: I attend college; I can plan my own study times and complete tasks on my own. I have made social connections with other students who will come to my apartment to play video games or watch movies with me. Even though I still become frustrated, I will take a breath or ask for a minute to calm down and I’m improving on using a more positive, less condescending tone.

Next Steps: As I move out of CIP and into their Graduate Living Community, I will maintain my own apartment, continue college classes and seek employment in the area.

Show us the numbers at CIP Long Beach!

60% of the students are going to the gym or engaging in physical activity weekly. This is a 30% increase from last term. While we continue to aim for our goal of 100%, this number is 50% is better than we have ever had in the past. Many have surpassed their own goals and we are hoping that number will jump even further in the summer.

Also at CIP Long Beach, we surveyed students at the beginning of the term about their goals to develop new relationships throughout the term. Today, 11 out of 17 students have developed relationships:

  • 4 students gained new friends or rekindled friendships
  • 6 students improved a pre-existing friendship through demonstrating improved conflict resolution and communication skills (feedback sandwich, advocacy, timing)
  • 5 students gained a new close friend since the beginning of the semester.

Social Scholar Hour at CIP Berkshire

Social Scholar Hour

Our Social Skills Coordinator has implemented a new session at CIP Berkshire called Social Scholar Hour. This is designed as a social skill building group for CIP students who enjoy intellectual curiosity, meaningful diplomatic debates, cerebral conversation, and philosophical inquiry.

In addition to increasing community and peer social integration skills, students will also increase critical thinking and reasoning abilities. Set up in accordance with the Socrates Café model, students will meet in a local public community venue to question weekly topics drawn from philosophy, current Famous Scholars events, psychology, law, metaphysics and all social, physical, and natural sciences. Recently, the students attended a lecture on Editing the Human Genome, presented by New Yorker Magazine’s Michael Specter.

This has been a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.