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Dress the Part for Your Interview

The following is a special needs program update from College Living Experience | CLE | Choose Your Future. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

When we describe Career Development programming at CLE many think it just involves job coaching; however for us we start from square one to get students prepared and ready to enter the workforce. Career readiness is a huge part of our programming because it takes so much skill building to get to the place of obtaining a job and having the capabilities to maintain your employment. One aspect of career readiness we know has an impact? Dressing the part for your interview. This month’s ILS tip is about dressing for success so you can make the best impression.

Looking sharp for an interview comes down to a few simple steps.

How to dress for a job interview1. Pick out clothing as soon as the interview is scheduled

  • Men should wear a suit or dress pants and long sleeve collared shirt
  • Women should wear a pant suit, skirt and blouse or dress that is at least knee length
  • Don’t forget! Iron your clothes or if you can’t get them wrinkle free take them to a dry cleaner to get them cleaned and pressed.

2. Select accessories

  • Comfortable, closed toe shoes
  • Matching socks
  • Belt if you are wearing pants with a belt loop
  • Minimal jewelry
  • If you have multiple piercings, consider limited nose rings or earrings for the meeting
  • Purse or briefcase you can carry your resume in

Tip:  With so many things to remember, try on your outfit in advance, and ask a parent or professional working with you if it is appropriate for an interview. When you have just the right outfit planned, take a picture so you remember the best interviewing outfit.

Dress the part for your interview

So you’ve got the right outfit, but if you forget your hygiene routine on interview day, it could affect your ability to get the job. Be sure to complete all of these steps on the day of your interview:

  • Shower the day of your interview
  • Men should shave or clean up facial hair
  • Apply deodorant
  • Brush your teeth (and pack some mints to make sure you take one about 10 minutes before the interview)
  • Check your nails, make sure there Is no dirt under them and they are cut
  • Comb your hair so it is out of your face and tidy
  • Women should dry their hair. Consider pulling it back in a ponytail so it stays well groomed
  • Avoid perfume or cologne

Dressing for success can be easy and fun, and by following these steps you will be well on your way to getting the job you want.

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