Computing Accomplishment for a Student with Learning Differences
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Computing Accomplishment for a Student with Learning Differences

by Terri Shermett, Program Director CLE Davie

Ryan at CLE Fort Lauderdale - overcoming challenges with learning differencesRyan Collins started with CLE during the summer of 2015 at Denver’s pre-college Summer Exploration Program and started as a CLE full program student in August 2016. Ryan has worked hard to overcome some of his challenges. He worked on learning how to handle his sensory integration issues, especially when it comes to noise. Ryan has learned to take short breaks when needed or refocusing on a short task. Ryan has also learned to follow a task list to help him stay focused and to get his work completed in a timely fashion.


Ryan Collins will graduate on July 6, 2016 From ARC Broward’s Material Handler Occupational Training program. Ryan actively participated in a 12-week occupational skills training program located at their warehouse in Fort Lauderdale. In order for Ryan to earn his certificate, he had to complete 40 hours of class work and at least 2,000 hours of laboratory experience. Furthermore, Ryan was required to score an average of 75 percent or higher on the weekly written or hands-on demonstrated quizzes and receive a 75 percent or higher on a final exam.

During his time in the program he developed competency in the following areas:

  • taking apart CPUs, removing hard drives from laptops
  • testing monitors
  • processing recycling materials from customers

Ryan vastly increased his job skills. He accomplished all these things by asking clarifying questions and taking initiative in the warehouse. He was also a team player and enjoyed helping his peers.

Ryan feels that his strength was in his ability to take apart CPU’s and servers. Now that he completed the program, he plans to continue learning to work with computers. Ryan is looking forward to taking an Introduction to Computers class. Ryan feels that this course will help him decide what area he wants to focus in when it comes to working with computers.

Newsletter Articles – July 2016

Carly at CLE Austin

Prior to starting CLE in August 2015, I was living with my mother in Missouri and was enrolled in a local community college part time. My grades fluctuated between A’s, B’s, and C’s and I had a difficult time prioritizing schoolwork and completing my assignments in general. When doing schoolwork, I never thought it would be good enough and often stressed myself out by overthinking what needed to be done. While I had classmates I was friendly with, there were very few people I could actually call a friend and I spent most of my free time at home alone. I was afraid to stand up for myself.

Now, I have been part of CLE for almost one year and my life has changed entirely. I am a much more confident person in all aspects of my life. In my classes at Austin Community College, I have completed all of my assignments and turned them in on time and have managed to not get behind at all with schoolwork. I also have passed every single class with an A. I have a 4.0 GPA! The staff here have reassured me that I am capable and smart and have helped me not overthink things so much. This summer, I began working a full-time job at a childcare center and have learned to prioritize education and work duties.

Zach Sweet success at CLE Rockville

Zach Sweet came to CLE Rockville nearly three years ago, having tried some college classes after his high school graduation and realizing that he needed more support. His goal when entering our program was to finish his AA degree and find work in the IT field. Now that he’s about to leave CLE, he has accomplished all this and more.

Last month he walked across the stage at Montgomery College and received his AA in Applied Science. Zach is currently preparing to participate in the CLE summer excursion to Great Britain and when he returns he will be joining Project SEARCH, an internship program that provides training to young adults with a variety of disabilities. Zach will have the opportunity to intern at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Smithsonian Museums and the Rockville, Maryland city government, gaining experience in his chosen field. We sat down with Zach recently and asked him to reflect on his time in Rockville.

Talli at CLE Denver

Fresh out of boarding school, Talli was eager to start her life as an independent young adult. She was excited and eager to have her own apartment, establish new friendships, and establish her young adult life in a new and exciting city. While Talli was thrilled to be more independent, however she was not so eager to do her homework, clean her new apartment, navigate the challenges of a roommate relationship, show up for morning tutoring sessions, and have to live within a monetary budget.

As much as Talli wanted the freedoms of adult life she was honestly scared that there were many ways that she did not want to grow up. Motivation was probably Talli’s biggest challenge the first years at CLE, because while she was socially motivated, not everything else sparked her interest and growing up was not an easy task.

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