Community Service with Beach Hillel and ZBT

By Emily H
CIP Long Beach Student

community service emilyI had the opportunity to participate in a Beach Hillel community service at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in the Spinal Injury Ward. A fellow student and I took public transportaion. When we arrived at our destination we ended up getting lost in the parking lot. After many minutes of searching for the ward we found my friend waiting outside for us. He took us up the elevator to the second floor which had an open deck attached to the building and that was where the event was taking place. We had to wait while two veterans grilled hotdogs and cheeseburgers for the food cart. Once the food was finished it was placed into a tin tray which I was unable to lift so instead of working with the food trays I helped place drinks into a bucket and loaded it onto the cart. My fellow CIP student pushed the cart around while my friends and I served each veteran a plate of food in their hospital rooms. While serving the food I was able to have small talk with the veterans. It took almost an hour and a half to go through the whole floor. Once the food had been served, my fellow CIP student pushed the cart back outside and parked it next to the grill. Afterwards, we were allowed to eat; we sat around with the members of my community and talked about the event. The whole event lasted two hours. I felt very blessed to be able to give back to the community.

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