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CLE Enrichment Trip to London 2016

Across the Pond

by Sara Davis, Summer Exploration Coordinator, CLE Denver

“And then I realized adventures are the best way to learn”
– anonymous

British-mapThis year, CLE students will be traveling across the pond to Great Britain. From July 23rd to August 2nd, students will be exploring England, Edinburgh, Wales and the beautiful landscapes in between. Here is a list of the few places the students will be visiting:

  • London
  • Scottish Countryside
  • York Minster
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Liverpool
  • Stonehenge

While students immerse themselves in a new culture and explore a new environment they will have the opportunity to continue to practice their skills sets from budgeting, navigating, developing friendships, and time management.

We interviewed a few CLE students who will be attending the Great Britain trip to get their thoughts:

What a part of the trip are you looking forward to most?

“I really love to travel, try new places and sightsee. I’m most excited about London because of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the birth place of Shakespeare. I also enjoy learning about the history and trying new foods.”
– Katy O.

“Being in a new culture and seeing different kinds of wildlife.”
– Emily W.


Can you think of any skills that will be beneficial while traveling abroad?

“ILS stuff like budgeting, getting up on time and learning to navigate a new environment.”
– Emily W.

“Being well-behaved and polite when you meet someone new. “
– Katy O.

Is there anything you are nervous about?

“No, not really.”
Emily W.

“Being jet-lagged.”
– Katy O.

London Bridge

Newsletter Articles – May 2016

CLE trip to Japan

Last summer, I had the privilege of taking part in CLE’s annual trip abroad. Although I learned much about Japan and its culture, this trip helped to solidify many good lessons for me in my everyday life. Traveling with a group of students with disabilities can have its unique challenges; however, with every challenge I had the opportunity to grow and learn about myself as well as the people who traveled with me. Below are what I considered to be the 5 most important lessons that I learned as a result from the trip. Although these lessons apply directly to traveling overseas with groups of students, they also apply in their own ways to “real life” back home.

Moving tools

Moving or making a transition to a new environment is always going to involve a little sweat, but the more work you do up front, the less you have to worry about the day of the move. To minimize the anxiety and stress associated with moving, one of the most important things you can do is to be organized and start the moving/planning process right away!
So you’re going to move? What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Traveling with CLE Students

At CLE-Rockville, many of our students are very well traveled, in the U.S. and internationally. (A recent outing to a restaurant featured a table of students all swapping stories of different trips to London … they hadn’t known they all had it in common!) For this month’s travel issue, we interviewed a few students about their favorite trip, and asked for their advice to others setting out on travels.

Travels to Japan

Riley Smith is a student at the Costa Mesa center who traveled with CLE to Japan in summer of 2015. He was interviewed about his experience.

Traveling luggage

by Terri Shermett, Program Director, CLE Davie


At College Living Experience in Fort Lauderdale, we have many students that travel to visit family during their school breaks, or to go on vacations with their loved ones. The instructors of our Independent Living…

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