CIP Worldwide and College Living Experience (CLE): How do we differ?
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CIP Worldwide and College Living Experience (CLE): How do we differ?

The following is a special needs program update from Mansfield Hall. You may also click here to read the original article on the program’s website.

Mansfield Hall- College Support ProgramWe often get asked how we differ from our friends at CIP Worldwide (College Internship Program) and CLE (College Living Experience). Although we all serve the mission of providing college opportunities, our college support programs differ in some key ways.

A requirement for Mansfield Hall students is that they are interested in pursuing a college degree. Thus, all of our students must enroll in 2-3 college or university courses. To that end, we have many local colleges and universities in both of our locations, including online courses for students who may not be able join us at the beginning of an academic semester. Although we focus on vocational skills through our volunteer requirement and service learning seminars, this is done in coordination with students’ degree interests.

Another key differentiating factor is Mansfield’s Hall living and learning communities that are all “under one roof”. Both of our locations offer high-quality residences in the heart of campus life, where all of our programs and services are offered. This allows us to be actively involved in all aspects of a student’s daily life, from sunrise to sunset. This group living situation gives us the opportunity to create a collegiate living and learning community, where students can study together, challenge one another in ping pong, and/or have meals together.

Finally, Mansfield Hall offers fellowship opportunities to talented traditional college students to live with us and participate in all aspects of the program, to truly make it a diverse community. Our Mansfield Fellows are carefully selected through a rigorous application process, so that we ensure that they are good role models and are excellent stewards to the greater community. Mansfield Hall fellows provide the essential natural supports and social modeling needed in an integrated community.

Mansfield Hall will often help interested families differentiate between the available college support programs, and we are happy to refer to CIP Worldwide and CLE when we believe their programming is a better fit for the needs of a student. Ultimately, we are proud to be a part of the wider college support network and to be able to work with our friends to provide options for any student interested in post-secondary opportunities.

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