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CIP Student Auditions for TV Show

Anthony Audition

Our CIP Long Beach student, Anthony, recently auditioned for a role in a new TV show. He didn’t get the part, but is being considered for another role in an upcoming show. He writes about his experience here:

I first found out about this when the director of CIP told everyone that a TV agency talked to him and told him that they were looking for a certain guy on the spectrum to try out for a part for a new TV show. I really wanted to do it when I first heard and I told the director that I was in for it and he accepted. I ended up going to the studio to rehearse. I made it on time. I went into a building where it took place. But I had to wait in the hallway because a couple other people were trying out for the part before me. I did practice my lines enough before I came and I was going over my script again while waiting. I only waited for 15 minutes. Then I went inside the office and saw the casting directors. I started performing my character right in front of them. And I felt really loosened when I acted. It was so much fun. I always wanted to act in a movie studio. It was a great time for me. I felt like I did a spectacular job with my acting. When I got the email…saying that the people did like my acting, I felt like there is a chance for me to get what I want. Hopefully it will lead me to bigger steps, like acting in real movies, because that’s what I want to do.

We wish you the best of luck, Anthony!

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