CIP Long Beach Student Spotlight: Billy

CIP Long Beach Student SpotlightBy Alexia Kutzner, MFA, MS
Head Therapist, CIP Long Beach

Billy started Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with mixed feelings. He was curious about it and also expressed fear of the horses. He was very cautious at first. Slowly, Billy became more and more involved. He learned how to interact with the horses, groomed them and learned many facts about them. He also had a chance to ride the horses and to participate in lessons for therapeutic riding with kids that have disabilities. A few weeks ago, Billy introduced new volunteers to all the horses and explained everything about them. The volunteers were amazed with Billy’s ease with the horses and knowledge about them. He has truly blossomed in his internship and at equine therapy.

CIP Long Beach Student SpotlightBy Elizabeth Kimura
Administrative Assistant, CIP Long Beach

In his internship, I have gotten to see him soar. He goes out of his way to make sure the other volunteers & riders feel at ease with the horses. He loves to talk to everyone about all the great things he has learned about the horses at Dream Catcher, even down to each horse’s temperament and eating habits. Billy has been an exemplary volunteer at Dream Catcher and everyone loves having him there.

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