CIP Long Beach: Spring 2015 Academic Update
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CIP Long Beach: Spring 2015 Academic Update

The following is a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.

HannahEBy Hannah Enenbach, MA
Academic Coordinator, CIP Long Beach

In the Spring 2015 academic term, sixteen Long Beach students collectively earned an impressive 3.10 GPA in their classes at Long Beach City College and California State University – Long Beach. Six out of six students passed their pass/fail classes as well. Students all took courses that counted towards either general education requirements or major requirements, which brought them all one big step closer to graduation! Five of these students were inspired by their success and decided to supplement their education by enrolling in Long Beach City College’s fast-paced summer courses, which cover a semester’s worth of material in only six weeks. They are currently a little more than halfway through.

Spring courses taken included Learning and Academic Strategies, History of Early America, Child and Adolescent Development, California Culture, Geography of California, Map Interpretation and Analysis, Calculus III, Business Programming Logic and Design, Cultural Anthropology, Basketball, Improvisation, History of the American Woman, Film History, Linear Algebra, Applied Food Services and Sanitation, Elements of Public Speaking, Broadcast News Production, English Literature and Composition, Nutrition and Life, Computer and Keyboarding Skills, and World History since 1500 (whew!).

Now that summer is in full swing, attention has turned to fully utilizing the CIP Binder System to track all of students’ work. Students can be seen toting their binders from module to module, filling them with class handouts, recipes, bank statements, syllabi, and more. Executive functioning groups are focused on teaching students to keep their binders organized in a way that makes papers easy to file and retrieve.

Congratulations to all our CIP students and academic coaches for a successful first half of 2015!