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CIP Brevard’s Sand Dollar Challenge

CIP Sand Dollar Challenge - Homework Stress

At CIP Brevard, we continue to encourage a little friendly competitiveness among our students with the Sand Dollar Challenge.  In this game, students are grouped by household and given ideas and suggestions for how to earn group and individual Sand Dollars. Staff members are assigned to each team to help keep the students motivated and excited about the game. So far, it has been a hit with both students and staff.

Some of the ways to earn the Sand Dollars include:

  • perfect attendance for the week
  • exceptional efforts in an academic or life skills task
  • going above and beyond the standard for kindness and consideration
  • meeting a wellness or EF goal
  • and even fun things like wearing mismatched socks on a designated day

Also part of the challenge, students can write articles and blog posts to earn extra points. One of our students, Thea, wrote this blog post as a helpful guide for living with a roommate.

How to Overcome Homework Stress (Without Slamming a Door in Your Poor Roommate’s Face)

This week’s article is about homework and how to complete it without blowing up at an innocent passerby. (I love you roomie, but you do not handle stress well.) Anyway, before you begin any assignment, check the due date. If the due date’s long time coming, don’t procrastinate. Your grades will thank you for it later. However, if the due date is sooner, let’s say tomorrow (or you procrastinated), divide the work amount up. Don’t spend hours working on a project, then blow up because all that work and no play got your stress levels max. Work a half an hour, then take a fifteen-minute break. Trust me, it works. If you feel like you’re becoming Mount Vesuvius and fear your work and/or people are about to become the new Herculaneum, take a deep breath, then let it out slowly. If that didn’t work, take a short break. Go take a ten-minute walk, or a water break. Stretching your legs will at least take you away from the problem.

This has been a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.