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CIP Brevard: Wellness Fun on the 4th of July

4th of July WellnessBy Lance Haskins
Wellness Coordinator, CIP Brevard

As a student or a staff member of CIP, you never plan to wake up super early on a Saturday, or even a holiday and make it a day full of Wellness Activities…or do you?

We certainly do, here at the CIP Brevard Center. On Saturday, July 4th, at 4 am I awoke to what was to be a Great Wellness Fun 4th of July. After getting some nutrition in, I loaded the SUV with all the proper wellness gear for the day loaded with activities. I was then off to meet up with the other CIP Brevard staff and students. At 5:20 am I arrived at the center, where I met up with Erica, one of our student advisors, and the students participating in the Firecracker 5K. Once gathered together, we arrived at the Liberty Bell Museum in Melbourne, with enough time to warm up and be ready for the 7 am start of the 5K race. The 5K went well, even though it was hot. We all celebrated with some red, white, and blue patriotic Popsicles after the race to cool us off. After the awards ceremony we thanked the race organizers for a great event. We then had to leave immediately to make it back to the center in time to go to the beach and start our next activity, a Surfing Seminar. I can’t help but mention, even the ride back was memorable as I joined in a car sign along with the girls to the tune of “Bye, Bye Miss American Pie!”

Back at the center, we met up with a few of the other students and staff as we headed out to the beach in time for a community service project, beach clean up, before the CIP High School Summer Program students joined us. After finishing the clean up and some brief safety instruction we made it out into the beautiful blue water. Several of the CIP staff and I supervised a few students at a time while they paddled around and caught some of the 2—3 foot waves that were rolling in. Even Anthony, our Life Skills Coordinator, and Gina, the Summer Program Coordinator, joined us on their day off to give a helping hand. All of the students that jumped in the water and tried to surf, whether they were on a body board or a regular surfboard, all caught some waves — and even a few of them stood up!

The Perseverance Award for the day goes to Thea, for not only doing the early morning 5K but also for her continued efforts later in the day; at the beach Thea paddled out into the blue and caught waves. It was an awesome 4th of July, and we got it all done with enough time to head home for lunch and rest up for everyone’s favorite 4th of July activity, Fireworks!

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