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CIP Brevard Center Wellness Activities

By Lance Haskins
Wellness Coordinator, CIP Brevard

The Fall term has been a busy one here at the CIP Brevard Center for our Wellness program activities.

We started the new school year with goal setting and assessments to see where the students were with their overall health and fitness. Then we worked on proper warm up routines and team sports, plus cool down stretching. Next we worked on our cardio fitness as well as proper nutrition and hydration. We are currently working on our Fall Fitness Challenge where the students are working on total body conditioning through isometric, interval, repetition type exercises for total body conditioning. They also do balance challenges, weight training and running events.

Just this past week, on Veterans Day, we held a special Wellness Wednesday for all the students and staff. We started the day off with a fruit breakfast, then a morning wake up and warm up session, followed by a game of kickball and volleyball. Then we divided up into three groups, Anthony our Life Skills Coordinator did a few rounds of fitness training with weights, bear walks, crab walks, and squats. Val, our therapist, and Erica, our student advisor, did a mindfulness rainbow walk, where the students had to be aware and see if they could find all of the colors of the rainbow. During my Wellness group rotation we did martial arts, where I gave a brief history and the students and staff did an introductory session of Tai Chi, Karate, Taekwondo and Wu Shu Kung Fu. Then, we gathered everyone back up for some cool down Yoga stretching. We finished up the Wellness Wednesday with some special guests from Paradise Foods, Amber and Roxanna, They not only gave us great information about all of the products and services that their stores offer but brought free samples for all of our students and staff.
For our weekend activities we have done rock climbing, hiking, biking, and a few 5K walk/run races in the area, and have a few more planned before the end of the term.

All of our students and staff here at the CIP Brevard Center have done great with their Wellness activities and we know that they will have plenty more to look forward to during the Holiday Season and in the Spring.

Enjoy Great Health and Make It Fun!


About the Author:

LanceHLance Haskins is a Native Floridian a Graduate of Rockledge High School and Brevard Community College. He is a Mastery University and Leadership Academy Graduate of Robbins Research International, and a Peak Performance Coach specializing in fitness & nutrition. Senior Master Lance Haskins has practiced several styles of martial arts for over 35 years. He started kickboxing in 1980 and in 1983 he started training in ATA Taekwondo. He is a Senior Master Instructor and a 7th Degree Black Belt in the American Taekwondo Association’s Song Ahm Style of Taekwondo and a 13 time World Champion.


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