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CIP Bloomington Looks Ahead to the Next 10 Years

Our transition into the summer season brings lots of changes to our Bloomington Center. Next month, we will be celebrating Bloomington’s 10-year anniversary. The celebration includes reflections on our progress and a look ahead at what’s to come. Our celebration will include CIP staff, families — past and present — educators, special education professionals, and members of the local community, including community partners. During the celebration, we will also honor outgoing Program Director, Karen Thomas, while welcoming CIP Bloomington’s new leader, Dr. Cliff Madison.

From CIP Bloomington’s beginning, Karen has been instrumental in the success of the program. She was originally recruited by CIP founder Dr. Michael McManmon at a local conference where they initially connected and subsequently launched CIP Bloomington. Karen’s values and beliefs on student growth, community integration, and person-centered learning have contributed to the program’s overall effectiveness. Her leadership over the years has helped create an amazing team of individuals whose passion and knowledge is impressive.

Dr. Cliff Madison is a veteran educator, bringing over twenty-eight years of experience working with young adults in a multitude of diverse learning and educational environments in various government agencies, private and public companies. He embraces the opportunity to continue the mission of CIP by inspiring independence and helping young adults build happy and productive lives in Bloomington.

Behind-the-scenes, we have been busy updating our Bloomington Center, making it an even more attractive and purposeful area for our students. We have new, curated spaces for students, including an updated computer lab with increased work stations and space for collaboration; a wellness area fit for meditation, fitness, and nutrition; a dining area more conducive for group dinners and potlucks; an entertainment area which will provide more community engagement opportunities; and an improved classroom area with designated space for student forums, menu planning, creative labs, and group work.

We are truly excited for what’s ahead for CIP Bloomington as we continue to expand and develop our legacy of empowering students to live independent, connected, and meaningful lives in the community.

This has been a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.