CIP Berkshire: 2015 Convocation
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CIP Berkshire: 2015 Convocation

The following is a special needs program update from Asperger’s & LD College Programs. You may also click here to read the original article on the main program website.

By Lucy Allarie Gosselin
Program Director, CIP Berkshire

Our ceremony started on Thursday with our Animal Crackers Puppet Group putting on Peter Pan. What a marvel that was for parents, staff and students to enjoy. Standing ovation for all! We then proceeded with our Awards ceremony. All our students were recognized for contributing their time to community service throughout this year as well and honored for the number of years being at CIP and working on development of their skills towards independence and life success.

The following are honorees of the awards:
Staff of the Year – Joann Murphy
Career Excellence – Chelsea F, Victor H, Jack V
Life Skills Excellence – Meghan L and Sean L
Executive Functioning Excellence – Rodion A, True R and Ryan S
Multimedia Excellence – Olivia M
Social Thinking Excellence – Patrick A, Katrina H
Recreational Excellence – Michael G, Simon L, Charlie E
Program Director’s Choice – Chelsea F
Academic Excellence – Ryan S, Sam R
Outstanding Progress – Gabriella S, Ryan C, Rachel F
Puppetry Award – Rachel F
Creative Arts – Adele H, Danielle D
Wellness Excellence – Julian D, Chris C, Sara C, Samyak C
Outstanding Attendance – Connor R, Anna M, Glenn E


Congratulations! Students work diligently. Some students stand out in specific areas but all need to be recognized for stepping out of their comfort zone to work on attaining and doing their best.

On Friday our convocation started with Patrick A giving the welcome address and a fine job he did, letting the parents, staff and guest know how he has grown and learn from his experience at CIP. Other speakers were Victor H, Sam R and Rachel F. They spoke of the good friends they have made and the memories they will carry with them throughout their life. They are ready to move forward thanks to the staff that has helped them gain the skills they needed to become independent.

Our convocation was filled with fun, laughter, singing, drama and monologues. Many students were involved singing “Human Again”, doing a scene from “The Wizard of OZ” and a drumming performance from “Lion King”.