Chapel Haven West open house and lunch on the town Feb. 18, 2017
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Chapel Haven West open house and lunch on the town Feb. 18, 2017


Families of young adults with autism spectrum disorders and social disabilities are cordially invited to attend an open house at Chapel Haven West in sunny Tucson, AZ to learn more about how this award-winning agency can lead to a happy and productive adult life.

Join us Presidents’ Day weekend, on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017, from 10 a.m. to noon MST for a program overview and a campus tour. As an added bonus, sign up your son or daughter to join staff and students on a recreation trip to a favorite lunch spot in Tucson.

Registration online is required. Register here

Can’t make it Feb. 18? We’ll hold another open house at our Tucson campus on Saturday, March 18, 2017. Sign up to hold your spot here: to hold your spot for the Saturday, March 18 open house in Tucson.

What do parents say about Chapel Haven West?

Nancy and David Puffer with Son, Brian

Nancy and David Puffer with Son, Brian

Nancy and David Puffer have been pleased with the growth shown by their son, Brian.

“From the time Brian was in middle school, he began asking where he would be going to college one day. Knowing his limitations, we struggled with how we could give him a college experience, if we could at all. Chapel Haven West was the perfect fit for us, giving Brian an authentic college experience thanks to CHW’s partnership with the University of Arizona, plus the independent living, social skills and employment coaching that Brian needed to learn to live on his own.”

Jean and Larry Makel of Dallas, TX, talk about the strides made by their son, Mack: “Our experience with Chapel Haven West has been overwhelmingly positive. Most significantly, while the standard programing offers excellent social and independent living skills instruction, Chapel Haven West has been flexible and responsive to adapting to our son’s needs and the goals of our family. Our son’s social and communication skills continue to improve and he has developed confidence and comfort in dealing with peers and in community settings. Perhaps the greatest gift has been our son’s connection to his Chapel Haven West friends and the staff. He loves to visit us at home but his desire is to remain in Tucson and continue to be part of the Chapel Haven West community.”

What is Chapel Haven West all about?
Chapel Haven West in Tucson, AZ is a satellite program of Chapel Haven Inc., a pioneering non-profit that empowers adults to live independent and self determined lives.

Chapel Haven West is specifically designed for adults ages 18 and over with autism spectrum disorders and related social disabilities. Our students:

Gain confidence and competence in social communication, both with our speech pathologist and through a University of Arizona curriculum
Go to college with supports in executive functioning/time management
Gain skills to pursue vocational passions
Learn to live independently of Mom and Dad in an apartment setting

Recently, we added a new College Supports Program, specifically designed to help students attend college and gain support in targeted areas, including social communication therapy, life skill instruction, managing college, exploring the world of employment and enjoying social recreation on the weekends. Email us for more details here: Request literature
Learn more at or call us at (203) 397-1714, ext. 148. or ext. 185.

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