Chapel Haven West announces new Community Life Program
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Chapel Haven West announces new Community Life Program

Chapel West is excited to announce a  new program at Chapel Haven West called the Community Life Program.

CHW CL hike CHW CL volunteering

CHW CL mall tripModeled after similar programming at Chapel Haven’s New Haven campus, the Community Life program (CLP) is designed to offer a structured, community-focused day for individuals who are either not working or working a limited number of hours. Chapel Haven West’s CLP provides participants with opportunities to explore, interact, and volunteer in the greater Tucson area.

  • maintaining healthy lifestyles – preparing well-balanced lunches, joining fitness groups
  • increasing interpersonal skills and socialization – shared meals; group planning of activities through resources such as local newspapers, community calendars, learning to plan and host activities; participants volunteer for at places like the Hope Animal Shelter, going to the mall and exercising together
  • Taking advantage of classes taught at the Chapel Haven West campus, including social communication therapy, independent living, budgeting and handling money and cooking
  • constructively managing free time – our adults receive coaching on how to manage their daily routines

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